• Waze, Better than Google and Apple Maps?

    Shortly after the release of iOS 6, it didn't take long for complaints to fly in on how bad Apple Maps were and the severe flaws they had. With iOS 6, a lot of people realized how much they actually needed and relied on Google Maps. A solution was needed immediately for an alternative to Apple's Maps.

    Among some of the recommended apps by Apple as great replacements for their own Maps app was a social maps app called Waze. One of the great things about Waze is that the user can interact with other drivers on the road by reporting accidents, road closures, and speed traps while you are on your journey. Also built into the app, you can have the app show on the map the best gas prices around your location and recommended places to eat as well.

    This is a must have road trip app, not only does this app keep you up to date on the latest news on the road, the app can help you find the best gas prices and best restaurants in an unfamiliar place. The app has up to date maps, turn by turn directions, an voice commands. Another plus is that Waze is both for iPhone and iPad. So no matter if you are using an iPhone or an iPad on your next road trip, Waze has you covered!

    The one downside to this is that its great for driving, but for users that need accurate maps for bus routes, subway info, walking directions, or street view for the bigger cites, this isn't the app you need. For that, I highly recommend Google Maps.

    While this is not certainly a one stop app for navigation, its the best maps app for driving and is a small app that takes less than 100 megs on your device. So download Waze and Google Maps, with these two apps, you will never stress again on a road trip!

    Head on over to the App Store and check out both Waze and Google Maps! You will thank me later! 

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