• Location based apps that help you find a restaurant in an area you are unfamiliar with or maybe you are familiar with are a dime a dozen. Most often, people use the app Yelp to help them discover, locate, and reserve a table all from one app. But for many the app is lacking something. Sure, it can find near by locations with reviews, but what about near by places that serve what you like the most? That is where Ness comes in handy.
    Ness instantly recommends restaurants based on the kinds of places you like, what you're in the mood for, and where you are. Just like you discover music with Pandora or movies with Netflix, Ness learns your tastes as you rate, save and dismiss restaurants, then finds new places you'll love. An Apple "App Store Best of 2012", and powered by over 4,000,000 ratings from Ness users, Ness is the fastest way to get restaurant recommendations for you, not the crowd. 

    This is the best app I have used for finding new places to eat in my hometown and on the go as well. In a big city or even a smaller town, Ness is your one stop shop to find the best restaurant for you and only you. Better yet, Ness is great both on the iPhone and iPad. So no matter what device you are on, you can always discover!

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  • What exactly do you use your iPhone or iPad for the most? Do you watch or listen to podcasts? How about reading news like tech sites, yahoo news, or CNN? If you do then you probably are always on the look out for the best podcasts and news apps out there. There are numerous apps out there for both Podcasts and news, but we will discuss the best apps out there for podcasts and news.

    Updated Podcasts app (left), Original Podcasts app (right)
    The first app we are going to talk about is Apple's Podcasts app. Wait, what Apple Guesser? You can't be serious. Doesn't Apple's Podcasts app suck? Well, yes, Apple's Podcast app did suck. However, Apple has released Podcasts 1.2.1 and finally has put Podcasts back on the right track. 

    First thing Apple did is trash the horrific Skeumorphism for a more clean, simplistic look. No longer is a Reel to Reel tape the center of attention. Instead, a large album art work (if you are listening to an audio podcast) is in that spot. Apple also the ability to iCloud sync podcasts and create custom stations...finally. While it did take a bit of time for Podcasts to get back on track, Apple did just that with this update. If you haven't checked Podcasts out before or in a really long time, you might just be surprised by what you find. 

    The second app on deck that we love here at Guessing the Apple is Pulse News. Recently, Google killed off their RSS reader Google Reader. That left a lot of people out in the cold with no RSS news reader to turn to. But fear not, Pulse News is here to rescue you! 

    Pulse News for iPad on iOS.
    One of the best things about Pulse is the way articles are displayed. Each website or RSS feed has a dedicated row with individual blocks designated for a picture, title, and author. The UI is clean, fast, and makes sense. Another big plus is that within the app, you can search for your favorite blog, add a popular website like engadget or yahoo, or add a major news source like Fox News or CNN. Even better, if you have Pulse on your iPhone and iPad, if you sign up for an account, Pulse syncs all your news stories and sources. Pulse is my one stop shop for all my internet news because the app is great and easy to use. 

    So there are two must have apps for your iPhone and iPad. Do you have a favorite app that you love? Let us know! If we like your app that you recommend, we will do a review of the app to let other great readers like you the best apps out there for the iPhone and iPad

  • March Madness is here and for many sports fans, this is the best time of the year. You don't have to look far to find apps for March Madness in the App Store. So what is the best app or apps out there?

    The first app that is a must have for any college basketball fan is NCAA March Madness Live. This app gives you the option to watch any college basketball game live over either cellular or WiFi no matter where you are at. On the train headed home? On a bus or waiting in an airport? Maybe you are at school or at work. No matter where you are at, the game is right there. If you are looking for a one stop app for March Madness, this is it.  NCAA March Madness is for the iPhone and iPad.

    The second app that is a must have for any college basketball fan is BracketBound by ESPN. Are you looking to make a bracket prediction? Maybe you want to challenge your friends or enter to win a contest for predicting the tourney correct? This is the app for you. From the latest news, to highlights, and future match up previews, this app has everything you need to prep for the tourney. BracketBound by ESPN is for the iPhone and iPad.

    So there you have it. These are the best two apps you can find if you want to watch or stay connected to your favorite team. Let us know if you find an app that you think is better!